WinDNC 5.2

WinDNC provides an method for the storage and transfer of NC part programs
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WinDNC is a very stable Windows-based product, originally developed in the early 90's, which provides an automated method for the storage and transfer of NC part programs. WinDNC is designed with an easily understood "point and pick" user interface which enables machine operators to quickly master the software. The selection of machine and program names from a pre-defined list will prevent data entry errors and improve efficiency.

Configuring WinDNC software to communicate with each machine control or Greco Systems' interface device on the network is accomplished through an easy to use menu-driven screen at initial network commissioning. This allows for the many differences in machine tool protocols, baud rates, and other unique communication parameters. Separate directories may be assigned for uploading and downloading to each machine control.

The machine operator interface is menu-driven and displays all available functions from a single screen. Menu selections are made with single keystrokes or a pointing device, such as a fingertip or mouse. The WinDNC software was specifically designed to be compatible with a touch screen computer. Other functions available to the machine operator include the transfer of NC part programs to the machine control.

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